The Good Company is Chris Sands – an award-winning brand & marketing expert who, after working with many arts, music and corporate clients over his career, has has specialised in Place Branding for the last 10 years. Place Branding involves building connection between people & place through brand, words, imagery, film & campaigns. It’s where his heart is.

With an ability to really get under the skin of a place or organisation, and a love of communicating that reality out to the public, Chris has worked on projects including the iconic Piece Hall in Halifax, the branding of The South Pennines Regional Park, a celebration of everyday culture of South Australia’s Barossa Valley, branding of Cheshire’s Sandstone Ridge, and a place making & branding for the stunning Halifax Borough Market, plus many more.

He is also the founder of the multi award winning Totally Locally – a worldwide, grassroots campaign for independent high streets.

Why the name ‘The Good Company’? Often, Chris brings in close friends from the industry for a project – people he works with closely, all at the top of their game. It makes for the perfect team, and brings in all the advantages of a big agency without the huge overheads. Good company indeed.