Inspiring Fundraising & Philanthropy Conference


Inspiring Fundraising & Philanthropy in the 21st Century – A Conference

Possibly the longest title I’ve ever had to fit into a logo, but a really exciting event it was. Run by The Community Foundation for Calderdale, this conference pulled in speakers from across the UK, with workshops on crowdfunding, fund raising and inspirational talks. The Audience also travelled from far and wide.

I created the concept of the conference brand from inspirational quotes on philanthropy. If you want to explain something, go to the great thinkers of the age. So that’s what we did.


With quotes from great philanthropists like J Rockerfeller, John Bunyan & Jay Leno, I used the quotation mark as the shape of the logo and all subsequent material.

It was all inspired by the photo of the young guy below, which I took in Adelaide, Australia. There was a speech bubble painted as graffiti on the wall, and I stood and waited for the right person to walk past. Nice to think it ended up as this.

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