Temperance Tea – Packaging Design

TEMPERANCE is a tea importer, beautiful cafe & general store based in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

It’s owned by Joe Bates, and as well as serving the best coffee in a 20 mile radius (seriously) he is a tea fanatic.

When he decided to create his own tea brand, he asked me to create the brand and packaging.

Joe has a deep love of the Mancheter music scene of the 90s, and loves the design style of Peter Saville (designer for Factory Records & The Hacienda) so we decided to take inspiration from there. There’s even a nod to Joy Division albums on the top of the lables.

The names such as Rasberry Beret, John Lemon and Rosehips Don’t Lie were all created by the staff, probably after a few beers at Dukes bar, across the road).

A lovely design project, and great product.

You can order from boroughgeneralstore.com