My book about how the Totally Locally campaign I developed grew from small beginnings in my home-town, to become a much-loved brand recognised across the world – with no budget, no marketing and no sponsorship. It has flourished purely on word of mouth, collaboration and good people sharing ideas so that others may benefit.

This book is a guide to the Totally Locally Town Kit – which includes all the materials, methodology and step-by-step guides to allow you to start Totally Locally in your town, or to inspire you to start your own campaign. It also shares inspirational stories from people who have used it to make a big difference to their high streets, and how they went on to do other incredible things on the back of it.

I called this ‘The Economics of Being Nice’. It’s an ethos I’ve based my career on.

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What a great read and blue print for our towns #TheEconomicsOfBeingNice from Chris Sands and the Totally Locally gang. (Love the take on Calderdale’s weather!)
Holly Lynch, MP
If you’re interested in town centres, local shops, community and believe in kindness and care, this is the economics textbook you need to buy.
Dan Thompson, Empty Shops Network
Really recommend this book by Chris Sands on behalf of Totally Locally It’s a really excellent handbook for those passionate about community-led regeneration, especially in the context of High Streets.
Jonathan Phipps, Leek
I have been working in town centre regen and economic development for over 20 years and think this is simply one of the best “how to” guides I have ever seen.
It’s accessible to anyone, hugely motivational and brilliantly presented. Love the case studies. Love the practical wisdom. Love the tool kit of tried and tested ideas. You can tell that Chris is passionate about the subject but doesn’t pull punches about how difficult it is, in some cases, to change the status quo, and facilitate real collaboration.
Can’t recommend this book highly enough.
Dale Thomson, Neighbourhood Workspace Ltd
The wisdom condensed into the book is what underpins groups like ours in Axminster as we do our best to deliver a vital message: ‘if you love where you live it’s survival is in your hands’.
The whole essence of Totally Locally right across the UK and beyond is quite simply ‘do it’! Volunteer input is what makes it work. The ideas and marketing materials endlessly made available to us in Axminster are all shared for free.
Great work Chris and team!
Barrie Davies, Totally Locally Axminster
There are initiatives that have worked in our town and many that haven’t. But nothing as unifying as the ideas presented in this book, which is inspirational and will provide exactly the support we need to make our town as busy as it can be. We already have a champion (who also bought the book) and will keep the momentum going until we are a true Totally Locally town!
Didy Ward, Bungay

This book was printed on recycled paper by our local printers in Calderdale.

Pages: 233
Width: 14.8cm
Height: 20cm
Depth: 1.5cm