Everybody Arts and The Everybody School of Art Re-Brand


Complete rebrand including name change, brand strategy, designs, copywriting, workshops and working with Sir Quentin Blake.

When I was a kid, I fell in love with art by copying from my favourite  and books.  And the illustrations I copied most were from my Roald Dahl books – beautifully drawn by the amazing Quentin Blake. These drawings instilled in me my love for art, design & visual communication, and led me on the path to the work I do today.

So, many years later, I had to pinch myself whilst I was writing an email to Sir Quentin Blake, asking if he could possibly make those letters a little bolder, and maybe draw me a few more hands!

This all came about whilst working on a re-brand for this incredible organisation, previously known as Artworks – and there-in lies a brand problem – there are over 20 Artworks to be found by a very quick Google search! No one was ever sure which Artworks you were talking about.

I was approached by the organisation to create a brand and strategy to take the organisation forward for the next 10 years, to communicate the incredible work they do around Art for Health & Wellbeing, and to promote them as an place for nationwide projects.

The over-riding ethos of the organisation is:

At the heart of our organisation is a deep-rooted commitment to the intersection of arts, health, and well-being. We embrace a holistic approach that recognizes the inherent therapeutic qualities of artistic expression. We foster an environment that values empathy, creativity, and collaboration, where participants can explore their potential, discover new perspectives, and develop resilience. We are here to help develop artists, no matter where they are starting from, and where they are going, and whatever their background.

Brand Workshops

Workshop photos by Matt Radcliffe

The newly-named Everybody Arts is based in a huge Victorian Mill in West Yorkshire which houses 22 artist studios, a huge gallery which shows internationally renowned as well as local artists, and an art school that runs courses from painting to printing, ceramics to drawing, animation to design. BUT, unlike most Schools of Arts (which tend to runon exclusivity), it’s open to everybody! And Sir Quentin is the Patron!

Hence the new name: from Artworks to ‘Everybody Arts (the parent organiation), The Everybody School of Art and The Everybody Gallery.

I worked on visual identity, brand strategy, designs & templates, signage  imagery and, most importantly, the re-naming.

It involved stakeholder & client engagement, plus talking with funders, artists and staff, then building a brand, name & strategy that truly communicated what they do.

I love the effect that Everybody Arts has on peoples’ lives and the contribution it makes to the culture and wellbeing of the area. So much so that, when I was asked to join their board of directors, I jumped at the chance.

You can find out more at www.everybodyarts.org