This is the story of how the Totally Locally campaign grew from small beginnings in my home town to become a much-loved brand recognised across the world – with no budget, no marketing and no sponsorship. It has flourished purely on word of mouth, collaboration and good people sharing ideas so that others may benefit.

This book is a guide to the Totally Locally Town Kit – which includes all the materials, methodology and step-by-step guides to allow you to start Totally Locally in your town, or to inspire you to start your own campaign. It also shares inspirational stories from people who have used it to make a big difference to their high streets, and how they went on to do other incredible things on the back of it.

I called this ‘The Economics of Being Nice’. It’s an ethos I’ve based my career on.

You can buy it here:>>

This book was printed on recycled paper by our local printers in Calderdale.

Pages: 233
Width: 14.8cm
Height: 20cm
Depth: 1.5cm

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